CASTORID Web Development

Professional web design at small town prices!

Castorid Web Development offers professional web design and programming services to small businesses, non-profit organizations, clubs, and individuals. Whether you need a simple "this is who we are" webpage, a dynamic website that is updated regularly, or an e-commerce application selling hundreds of products, we're here to help.

We are based in Morris, Minnesota and specialize in serving clients in west-central Minnesota and the eastern Dakotas. We are happy to offer our small town prices to clients worldwide, but are able to offer free in-person consultations to clients and potential clients in the St. Cloud - Fargo - Watertown triangle, including the following communities:

  • Fargo, ND
  • St. Cloud, MN
  • Moorhead, MN
  • Watertown, SD
  • Willmar, MN
  • Fergus Falls, MN
  • Alexandria, MN
  • Wahpeton, ND
  • Montevideo, MN
  • Sauk Centre, MN
  • Milbank, SD
  • Benson, MN
  • Appleton, MN
  • Glenwood, MN
  • Sisseton, SD

Clients in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area may arrange in-person consultations for a small fee.

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Castorids are members of the beaver family, Castoridae, which includes two modern species, Castor canadensis (the North American beaver) and Castor fiber (the European beaver). Extinct castorids include the Giant Beaver, Castoroides ohioensis, which lived in North America during the Ice Age. It reached 8 feet in length and weighed as much as 200 pounds.

Why 'Castorid'?

It reflects the name of our founder and chief developer, Joseph Beaver.

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